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I am very picky

"Dr. Solara Attatharya is simply the best alternative healthcare provider I have ever had as a personal physician, and most importantly ... ever referred a patient. I am very picky! In my personal career I have worked with past presidents of major organizations within my profession, as well as multiple Chiropractor of the Year award recipients. Simply, stated, I have the pick of the litter.

Dr. Attatharya is my personal choice for myself, and my family. There is not a more thorough, pragmatic, creative, intelligent, alternative healthcare provider. I invited her to be a guest on the radio with me and they were so impressed they booked her for several more shows! I recommend you contact her and interview her yourself."
Dr. J. P., D.C.

Line dancer loves facial rejuvenation

I felt something had to be done to improve my appearance and self esteem. I did not want to do a surgical facelift because of the price and the pain. After several treatments I found the texture of the skin has improved, the haggard and sallow look has just about disappeared and the wrinkles were less noticeable. I was thankful I found Solara who convinced me that acupuncture does work. I was such a skeptic.

Thank you Solara. I will see you again. 

JMC 76 Years young Line Dancer. Villages

I Love "Youthing" with your Cosmetic Acupuncture!

"My husband had doubts about how your cosmetic acupuncture could make a difference in my appearance. He has been blown away with my "youthing" and it has revitalized our marriage. He's courting me again.

I didn't want the abnormal taut look of plastic surgery (and I was afraid of the pain). My girlfriend had a really bad experience with Botox® so that was out. My friend looked great after going to you so I decided to give you a try. I saw results on my first treatment even though the real transformation took 8+ treatments. Most of my friends tell me how wonderful I look. I don't look tired and angry anymore, my wrinkles have softened and the crease between my eyebrows is diminished. I'm recommending you to all of my friends. I wish I had started this in my 30's to help prevent the aging signs from the beginning."
G.P., Loving Life Senior

Mesotherapy = Great Results

"I am very pleased with the results of my Mesotherapy. I had tried diet after diet with poor results. I couldn't believe how my endocrine system was balanced and I began to lose weight easier. My skin and face look amazing. I added the skin tightening techniques to prevent my skin from sagging as I lost the weight. I highly recommend this procedure for those who have tried everything and now want results."
E. D.

Scars lightened and needle phobia eased.

"Solara's gentle touch and knowledgeable manner helped ease my fear of needles and pain.  I was able to relax with her and allow the healing to have a chance.  I felt better right away, but imagine my surprise when I realized later that a nasty red scar had lost most of its tenderness and inflammation."
O. O.

Knee Injury

“Acupuncture reduced the edema from a hiking injury in my knee, strengthened the ligaments and tendons before the next hike.  I didn't require my knee brace for the entire day of strenuous hiking! Thank you 5,000 years of medicine works."
K. J., Midwife
Tumors disappeared

“After being diagnosed with malignant melanoma in April 2002, I was at a crossroads as to what I wanted to do. I knew I didn’t want any more surgery, nor did I want chemo or radiation; I’ve seen the ravages they cause. I started by reading, changed my diet, talking to people and began to learn of other therapies available.

Then in November of 2002, I met Dr. Solara Attatharya. She wasn’t sure she wanted to take my case and told me she could not cure cancer. After many hours of research on her part and several different therapies, my tumors are
now gone.

I feel so blessed to find Dr. Attatharya. She has healed my mind, body and soul and given me the confidence to take control of my health and life. I feel she is not only a caring physician but a loving sister with a big heart. I would recommend her services to anyone who is hurting.
A. M., Pharmacy Tech.

Sinus Headache/Allergies Gone

"Decongestants offered only temporary relief of my sinus headaches. But through a combination of acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and the right nutritional supplements, within a week I began to feel like myself again and now, a year later, my sinus headaches are still completely gone."
K.B., Massage therapist

Migraine Free

"It was so easy. To think of all those years I spent in pain, bouncing from one prescription to another, when all I had to do was homeopathy, stop eating artificial sweeteners and dairy products for my headaches to go away."
S.D., Former migraine sufferer

Headaches/GERD/Insomnia Disappear

"I had thousands of dollars’ worth of tests – CAT scans, MRI's, all kinds of things – but they didn’t find anything wrong. Then, with Dr. Solara’s help I discovered they were caused by stress and allergies. She not only helped my headaches but my stomach troubles and insomnia have also disappeared."
R.J, Real Estate Broker


Back and Neck Pain/ADHD

"When I first started seeing seeing Dr. Solara, I suffered from Migraines, Back and Neck pain, and emotional swings that made life difficult. After just a few treatments, I can enjoy life free from pain or depression. Dr. Solara has even started treating my 10 year old son for ADHD and we've had amazing results. I highly recommend her."

PMS/Hot Flashes

"I suffered from severe pain for years until Solara normalized my cycles. As I started menopause, Dr. Solara guided me through an easy transition eliminating my hot flashes and mood swings."


"Dr. Solara helped me become drug free after years of pain killers and steroids for back pain and fibromyalgia. Thank you for giving me my life back."

Worth the drive

"My headaches and allergies are gone. I'm very satisfied. It took a few months but I had a 15 year history of headaches. After Dr. Solara moved to Lake County I went to another Acupuncture Physician but I didn't get the same results. It is worth the 1.5 hour drive for the best available treatment. I look forward to "My personal time" with regular tune-ups one time a month. My husband loves it when I come home more relaxed and stress-free."
Judy R., Orlando, Fl.


"Solara Attatharya is a Godsend. She is well educated in her field and a true professional serving on several medical boards. I had a lot of questions and concerns and she took the time to answer all of them and quell my fears. I had been diagnosed with IBS. Solara helped me find a diet I could tolerate and once again I am enjoying life. I no longer have to be concerned about how far away a restroom is."
B.J. Sr. Account Manager


"I have personally known Solara for 5 years and have had some treatments from her.
She gave me some histamine drops last week for bug bites and stings when needed since i'm always working in my garden.

Last week I wasn't sure if in one area i planted beets or red swiss chard, so i chewed on a leaf and noticed it wasn't chard and within three minutes my throat felt like I had drank battery acid or a thousand red ants were in my throat and i couldn't breath. I put ten drops in my mouth and instantly I could breath!
If I hadn't had the drops, I wouldn't be here today.

I've also had good results with Bryonia as it made my life so much more bareable.

Solara has also done acupuncture on me and I wouldn't go to anyone else. I've had it in the past by other's and its always hurt. Her treatments don't hurt and she's a very sweet person that truly cares for her patients and I would recommend anyone to go to her. Her office is in Eustis, Florida."
H. B., Massage therapist

Ulcerative Colitis

We have had a great summer mostly because "A" is and has continued to become incredibly healthy.
Thanks to you!!!

We sent you a very sick boy last year. We had no hope or recourse for "A's" U.C. except Prednisone - which had already begun to produce horrible side effects. His Pulse and B. P. were very high - Bringing a 22 yr. Old young man into the danger zone. He continued to bleed & become frighteningly anemic. He remained the color of Elmer's glue for a long time.

I mentioned a Homeopathic doctor to "A" as a "what do we have to lose? Idea". Enter Dr. Solara!!!

"I can help", you said", I said "OK" but in my heart I feared that you were just someone to take advantage. After our first conversation of some 1 1/2 hours, I knew that was not to be the case & I told my husband, "I think we found the answer in this woman."

I told you that "A" had been in the 1% of the population to develop pancreatitis from the Asachol. The medicine of choice for U.C. patients and how his doctor missed the boat & my son wound up in the E.R. a few times - had to have 4 cat scans & finally ended the summer with a 5 day hospital stay, when they diagnosed Asachol - induced pancreatitis.

You said your acupuncture and nutritional supplements would return "A's" once-excellent health to him -& They did!

Many times this summer he has remarked "it feels so good to feel good."

We looked upon his nutritional supplements as his medicines. We and he realize his good health & continued remission are in direct relation to what he eats and those supplements. your occasional use of little known herbs and potions which always kicked his progress into high gear will probably ALWAYS remain a mystery & mumbo-jumbo to his gastroenterologist, who can't quite explain why he is doing so well!

But we know - don't we? you have given "A" back his life and us our son, You will always be in my thoughts & in my heart" - Robbie


Solara's Healing Touch

"If you receive the gift of working with Solara you will be blessed. She and I worked in the same environment for over 10 years and she held her calm in corporate storms… and helped others to do the same.
Solara provided healings to many...always giving what was needed, and graciously shared her time with out receiving the recognition or remuneration she deserved.
Solara has manifested remarkable abilities in my presence. I remember one event in which a lady was being hysterical loudly....and Solara simply touched her appropriately and she fell silent, and turned to look at Solara with a surprised expression.  "Oh thanks" she said."I can handle it now."
In my personal experience I have received healings from her on many  occasions, for a large variety of experiences.  She was never intrusive and always intuitively comprehended what I wasn't able to communicate.
At this moment I would be willing to open my whole being to her, without reservation; for she is trustworthy in all things....and honorable to the core of her being.
If I can provide you with more insights please ask.

Sincerely Yours,"

Melany Thum-McAleer
Marketing Consultant/writer Melany1us@yahoo.com

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