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 Internal Environment:

Decentralize, Grow Your Own, Buy Local!

After watching Food Inc. Several of the members of our community got together and formed our own organic co-ops. You can too. If you look around I am sure you will find enough people desiring healthy food to buy with you.

Email us if you are interested in learning how to grow your own fresh organic veggies.

Not enough yard space? No problem, container gardening is your answer.

Funshops available.
Safe Seed Companies

 Many of you have been having a hard time digesting foods on the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Simplifying your diet and eating organic, local food is important.

With the tampering of our food many people can no longer tolerate gluten, soy, corn, white potatoes, beef, chicken, and the whites (refined sugar, flours, etc.)

When you think of gluten think of "Glue" being applied in your intestines.

Avoiding processed foods and these items can be easy.

Many of you are choosing to to switch to a gluten free and/or a raw vegan diet.
Having the right tools can make this easier.


Food Processor
High Speed Blender

Water Purification units
Berkey® systems are capable of purifying both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. No electricity required.
Contact: Sowinglite.com

Gluten intolerance has become so prominent that most grocery stores have a gluten free section.

Check out these websites to get started:

Eating out in restaurants

Mt. Dora, Fl., is the home of a fantastic all Living, Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Cuisine.

Vitality Bistro®
301 S. Baker Street #106
Mt. Dora, FL, 32757
352 735-8411
888 612-6617
Tuesday-Thursday 11-8
Friday-Saturday 11-9
Closed Sunday & Monday

Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program

Gluten Free Diet Guide

Sites I like
Gluten Explained


Elana’s Pantry

Gluten Free Goddess

Enjoying a live food lifestyle is healthy!

To get the most nutrition from your food, live raw foods not heated over 118 degrees F. are the way to go. In fact it makes your whole life easier because you no longer have to read labels on processed food.

What can you eat on a low fat raw vegan lifestyle?

The best choices are fresh organic, non GMO, unprocessed fruits, veggies and a limited amount of seeds and nuts.

Food eaten in the natural state can help heal and prevent many dis-eases and degenerative ailments from arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and celiac disease to cancer.

It can promote a healthy weight loss, increased energy, stamina and vitality, improved skin texture and hair, and a new outlook on life.

Eating a low fat raw vegan diet is most important to reverse many acute and chronic conditions long term.

Once the processed foods have left your system, in a very short time your tastebuds will awaken to the way fruits and veggies really taste. 

The taste of the artificial chemicals, salts, sugars, flours and denatured products will disgust you. IF consumed again the real effect of those toxins can be felt immediately.

Beware of the high fat gourmet raw diets that taste good but leave one in a state of ill health. Many times it is poor food combining that takes its toll on the body even if the ingredients are healthy!

Kirlian Photography proves there is a difference in the vitality of live organic foods and the conventional pesticide cooked foods.

Watch this YouTube

There are many raw food clubs and networks in the Central Florida area and live restaurants in Mt Dora and Winter Park, FL. This lifestyle is very popular all over the world. Do an Internet search to find ones close to you.

Raw Recipes
Get Dr. Douglas Graham's book The 80/10/10 diet. Many athletes are following his diet.


For their Products




 Why are you so apathetic?

Because you are poisoned daily by processed foods that ruin your brain functions. Check out this LARGE list of foods and their FLUORIDE content.....

USDA Fluoride Content in Foods and Beverages   www.fortcollinscwa.org 

For Full Report on USDA Website CLICK HERE Intended goal of fluoridation: Delivery of 1 milligram of fluoride per day 1 milligram/liter = 1ppm (parts per million)



Dr. Solara is committed to helping preserve the planet for seven generations in the future.

She has gone green in her office and home to reduce her carbon footprint. With just a few changes you can be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars a year and help the planet too. Invite her to talk to your group on how to create a healthier body and planet while saving money!

The "Dancing Tree" photo was taken by Carol L. Fraser, B.Ed./Photographer/Artist in British Columbia, Canada The tree is an Alanthus Altissima, aka Tree of Heaven, aka Ghetto Palm.

Healthier Food Guides

How do I know if something is organic?

The USDA has identified for three categories of labeling organic products:

100% Organic: Made with 100% organic ingredients
Organic: Made with at least 95% organic ingredients
Made With Organic Ingredients: Made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with strict restrictions on the remaining 30% including no known GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

Products with less than 70% organic ingredients may list organically produced ingredients on the side panel of the package, but may not make any organic claims on the front of the package. 

Certified Organic means an outside party has tested the product and certifies it meets the qualification of 100% Organic. This is what you should buy first!

For more in depth organic FAQ's go to http://www.organic.org/home/faq#top

Genetically Modified Food List Overview
Healthier Foods: Non-GMO Shopping Guide
Shoppers guide to avoid pesticides. Please note just because it is low in pesticides does not make it healthy especially if it is GMO. Compare the lists before you buy!

Please support these manufacturers for going the extra step to certify Non-GMO.

You can make a difference. If only 5% of food buying consumers said NO to GMO's and processed foods the manufacturers would stop adding them to what you eat. Many countries Like France have banned GMO's. Most others require labeling.

4 simple tips to avoid GMO's

Look for "Non-GMO Project Seal" verified seals this means independent testing has been done to make sure there is no GMO in the food. This is the only way to know for sure.

Buy Certified Organic - Certified organic products cannot "intentionally" include any GMO ingredients. However without testing it is not necessarily GMO free as Organic is a way of growing the food and not the seed stock.

3. Avoid At-Risk Ingredients 
Four crops in the U.S. (soy, sugar beets, corn, and canola) are now grown almost exclusively from genetically modified seeds. 90% of canola, 88% of corn, 94% of soy and 95% of sugar beet crops are now GMO foods. In addition White Potatoes, cold hardy Strawberries, Cottonseed and all of their derivative forms. Look for the oils listed on labels. Alfalfa has been approved and is fed to along with GMO corn to livestock and poultry. The risks of eating the flesh of animals fed GMO's will be seen in future generations. See the Genetically Modified food overview list linked above.

4. Buy Products Listed in our Shopping Guide.

Truth-in-Labeling Action

Ask Your Grocer to Stop Selling Unlabeled Genetically Engineered and Factory-Farmed Foods or foods that have been irradiated. Better yet get all of your friends together and bring the requests in mass to your grocers.

Organic Consumers Association director Ronnie Cummins' posted an "Open Letter to Natural Food Stores and Co-ops: Please Stop Selling Unlabeled Genetically Engineered and Factory-Farmed Foods."

Through the use of social networking, the letter is already getting results. OCA activist Tomas Blank posted a link to the letter on Green Grocer Chicago's Facebook page. The store immediately replied, saying:

"Thanks Tomas - we will consult our vendors and happily find a way to label products. We believe in our customers making informed decisions in our store as well as other stores!"

Let's follow Tomas's good example! Print, sign and bring the open letter to your local grocery store manager and let us know what happens.

Print out and share this open letter with your friends, family and email lists
At the very least we demand labeling of products. Contact your legislators today. Tomorrow may be too late.

Florida State House of Representatives, Contact Information - Find your legislators by zip code, contact your supervisor of elections, or find links to Representatives' home pages and to district maps.
Florida State Senate, Contact Information - Find your legislators by zip code, contact your supervisor of elections, or find links to Senators' home pages and to district maps.
US Government Contact Information

Stay informed about GMOs

French Two Year Study of GMO's

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'Frankenfish' may be coming to a dinner table near you
The chinook, eel,  fish and salmon DNA were spliced together for a super Frankenfish. It changes the hormones in the salmon to make it grow super fast. What will it do in humans? Will it lead to more 7 year olds growing boobs and starting their menses? Will it get loose and contaminate all salmon?

It’s no secret why these foods were targeted by big agribusiness to be genetically modified. They are included in just about every processed food you can think of. The higher the yields of these insect-resistant, pesticide-treated crops, the more money agricultural companies like Monsanto stand to make.

So what’s to worry about, you might be wondering—yes, some companies will make huge loads of profit but the rest of us will have more to eat. However, the world seems to operate best when checks and balances are in place. For many, there is a growing unease that all of this genetic tampering to make mega-yields and super-plants could spell trouble for humans further down the road.
See more at: http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/general-health-2/the-gmo-scare-is-big-agri-out-to-get-us#sthash.l2qhiyoF.dpuf

If GMO's weren't bad enough now one doesn't know if that steak, chicken, fish, or pork is really from one animal. With pink slime meat glue even butchers can't tell the difference between a product that came from one animal or 50 carcasses from several continents. Now is the time to choose to be vegan.

Having trouble losing weight, digestive issues or brain fog?
Wheat and gluten may be the issue. Here is a short blurb on why wheat is bad for us. However we also believe that dairy is equally as bad for other reasons so please ignore the cheese reference.

Salt, Sugar and Oil... What's the Problem? - Olive Oil is Not Healthy -
Michael Klaper, MD

Poisoned Food Supply, GMO's and why you should care.

The majority of us say we won't consume these products, however over 80% of our processed food supply and even some fresh vegetables and fruits are contaminated. Our food supply is being tampered with and most Americans don't know it because there is no requirement for labeling of these items.

Our food supply took a dangerous turn for the worse in 1994 when Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) were introduced.

Monsanto Slogans: "Growth for a Better World." and later
to celebrate its evolution from plastics and herbicide leader into a biotechnology industry pioneer.Monsanto adopted the slogan "Food, Health and Hope" when they left the silicon valley industry and entered the "terminator" sterile seed market.

Monsanto Vision Statement: "We will deliver high-quality products that are beneficial to our customers and for the environment, through sound and innovative science, thoughtful and effective stewardship, and a commitment to safety and health in everything we do."

 Monsanto's products such as saccharine, Agent Orange and Posilac bovine somatropin (bovine growth hormone) shows us what they really produce.

Monsanto has found one handy solution to the public-relations nightmare that has dogged it for years. It is merging with another pharmaceutical giant and changing its name to Pharmacia Corporation. But chances are it will take more than a new name to win over public trust.

Thirty percent of our organic seeds have been bought up and tampered with. It is predicted in three years we may not have a choice of any heirloom organic seeds to grow our own food. Demand labeling and stop this dangerous practice. Buy organic certified non-GMO foods at the grocery store and tell your legislators we do not desire this technology. Your outcry has made a difference as many companies are no longer using BPA's in their products. rbGH Growth hormone has been ordered to be removed from our milk supply. Let your voice be heard: Just Say No with your pocketbook as well.

GMO Basics from the Institute for Responsible Technology

Where are they?

In your food! First introduced into the food supply in the mid-1990s, GMOs are now present in the vast majority of processed foods in the US. While they are banned as food ingredients in Europe and elsewhere, the FDA does not even require the labeling of GMOs in food ingredient lists. (The head of our FDA is the former CEO and attorney for Monsanto!)

Although there have been attempts to increase nutritional benefits or productivity, the two main traits that have been added to date are herbicide tolerance and the ability of the plant to produce its own pesticide. These results have no health benefit, only economic benefit.

What foods are GM?

Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%), cotton (90%), canola (88%), corn (88%), sugar beets (95%) (and unless you buy 100% organic cane sugar tan in color it has been probably mixed with beet sugar), Hawaiian papaya (almost 100%), zucchini and yellow squash (13%), and tobacco (Quest? brand).

Products derived from the above, including oils from all four, soy protein, soy lecithin, cornstarch, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup among others. There are also many "invisible ingredients," derived from GM crops that are not obviously from corn or soy. Read more

Additionally, there are other food items which, while not directly GMO, are considered to be at high risk, since they can be contaminated from the crops which are GMO.  These include animals which eat GMO feed, and a number of vegetables which also might be contaminated because of cross-pollination from GMO planted acres near them:
Chard and Beets
Rutabaga and Kale
Bok Choy, Turnips, Chinese Cabbage

With all of the bad press that high fructose corn syrup has received be advised they are changing the name to corn sugar. It is a name change not a quality ingredient change.

Monsanto's GMO crops are now linked to roughly 200,000 suicides of farmers and farm workers in India.

65 Health Risks of GM Foods can be found here.

Must See Documentaries and books to read

Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about GMO Foods
Jeffrey Smith

Spilling the Beans
is a monthly column available at www.responsibletechnology.org

What are we eating? Must see documentary
"Food Inc"

Watch the full documentary for free: The World According to Monsanto

The Future Of Food
offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a 310lb man whose gut was bigger than a beach ball and a path laid out before him that wouldn't end well— with one foot already in the grave, the other wasn't far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe's personal mission to regain his health.

Food That Kills Full Documentary Dr. Klaper, MD This cardiologist explains the benefits of a vegetarian diet and how fats, proteins, animal fats, and how fast foods create heart disease diabetes and even PMS. He talks about the antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides destroys the gut flora of the animals they are given to and then to humans who eat animal flesh. He also shares how to get the most healthy calcium, vitamins, proteins and minerals in your diet. Dr. Klaper explains how to get off of High Blood Pressure, Diabetic drugs and other medications.

Forks Over Knives Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.

How science and medicine have betrayed you. t the beginning of the 20th century the US ranked 1st in health among the major industrial nations. US spending per capita on health is currently the highest in the world yet the US now ranks 37th in actual health statistics in the top industrial countries and has the highest infant mortality rate. The US also rates 24th in life expectancy.

Monsanto's workers ban GM foods in their own cafeteria

Salmon Frankenfood gene-altered risks study too narrow US experts say.

A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain

Book: Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating - Jeffrey M. Smith

GMO Corn Study Reveals health damage cover-up

Monsanto's GM Cotton Makes Minor Pests a Major Problem

Three Approved GMO's linked to organ damage

Food and Depopulation: Monsanto's Monopoly

Monsanto Major Producer of GM Foods Under Investigation By Seven US States

For up to date info on the organic industry concerns click here


Marketing propaganda to convince us GM is good and countries using the Biotechnology

Many of the studies used to prove the safety of these items were falsified. Please read some of the reports below that have been deliberately withheld from you along with labeling of these harmful products.

Pocket K No. 2: Plant Products of Biotechnology isaaa.org


Mary Spicuzza reports from
Silicon to Soybeans Internal documents of the toxic waste left behind when Monsanto was a leader in Silicon Valley.
Know what is in your food. Grow Your Own Organic Garden!

It is easy, relaxing, grounding and joyful. When kids grow it they will eat it!
Start o
ne at home and at school. 

Inspiration Green did a fantastic job researching this information! Please go to
: http://inspirationgreen.com/organic-vegetables-start-out-as-seed.html For tips on green products, major environmental issues, art, music and more. A great well researched site.

For the past few years there has been an uproar in the vegetable seed business as Monsanto purchased Seminis in 2005 (a seed conglomerate that has 40% of the U.S. vegetable seed market) and in 2008, De Ruiter Seeds (one of the top vegetable breeders in the world).

Monsanto is now in the vegetable seed business for the first time, and it's in big time. More than 55 percent of store bought lettuce, 75 percent of U.S. tomatoes, and 85 percent of peppers now originate through Monsanto's fingers.*

Our salad plate is now being dished out by Monsanto! We now have yet another reason to buy organic produce. Hopefully this will not go to naught, and it will be the impetus to get even more

It is good to remember that although hybrids have been 'naturally' manipulated, their genes are stable. But their successive seed will be either sterile or revert back to a parent's tendencies. Some hybrids have been around a long time and you will even see some sold as organic. Hybrids keep big seed companies in business, as you must buy the seed each year.

Genetically modified seed on the other hand, is manipulated in a laboratory. Foreign genes are 'forced' into a plant which causes other unintended gene changes as well. Then the plant is cloned.  Many times the genes are unstable and can jump to other plants, contaminating whole fields. And since GM seed is patented, if you are found with a GM plant on your field, that you did not buy that year as fresh seed, you can be sued.

As so many farmer's can already attest to. Monsanto has a huge budget just for investigating and prosecuting farmers for patent infringement. Although Monsanto has yet to release genetically modified vegetables into the market, they spend almost 2 million dollars a day on research and development,** so GM vegetables are probably not very far away. Monsanto currently holds the technology for more than 90 percent of the world’s genetically engineered crops. And it holds thousands of U.S. seed patents.*** If you see PVP (Plant Variety Protection) listed, that means the seed or plant carries a U.S. patent.

Another term to note when buying seed is heirloom. There is no standard as to what 'heirloom' means. To a small-town seed exchange it might mean one thing, to a seed conglomerate another. Most often heirloom means that seeds are open-pollinated with at least a 50 year history. See the heirlooms wiki page for a good synopsis.

Also note, before buying seed, that 'treated' seeds are coated in chemical anti-fungals (most likely Captan or Thiram) and dyed. Most small seed companies let you know if a seed has been treated. As to organic seed- best to buy- but most seed varieties have yet to be certified organic. We need to keep certifying varieties as organic, and this is a fairly slow process.

Here is a list of companies we believe to be organic and non-GMO as of February 2011 from Kieren Fox at 

This is a large list of safe seed companies, as well as which ones sell Monsanto seeds. It also lists Monsanto owned seed companies as well as their seed names

List of Safe Seed Companies ~ Please Share

The first list below is a list of Safe Seed Companies- the first few listed under each region sell only organic- then those below sell some conventional seed as well, but it is noted if they sell Monsanto seed. If they do, avoid their conventional seed or check the second list, which lists Monsanto's vegetable varieties.

The second list below is a list of popular Monsanto seed. It would be very lengthy if all were included, but there are links to Monsanto's products pages so that you might do further research. Many seed re-sellers buy seed from a broker who has purchased a huge block of seed, the broker breaks up the order, and then re-sells to numerous mail-order seed companies. So, many companies carry the same seed. And unfortunately many of these seed companies then re-name the seed, adding to the further confusion as to which is a Monsanto seed. :-(

North East _____________
High Mowing Organic Seed www.highmowingseeds.com
100% organic certified seed: vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.
Over 450 organic heirloom, open-pollinated and organic hybrid.   ( do not save hybrid seeds from your garden, nor buy them, if you want to save your own seed.  Hybrids only breed true the first year you plant them.  After that they may revert to any of the hybrid parents they came from.)

Dirt Works www.dirtworks.net
100% organic vegetable seeds and hardy organic heirloom seeds. Some open pollinated.
Grain, hay, forage, wildflowers, compost, organic fertilizers, pest control and accessories as well.
Note there are some complaints about shipping times posted on-line. Dirt Works was hit hard during recession and we hope they can hire more help.
Safe Seed Pledge.

Turtle Tree Seed www.turtletreeseed.com  Vegetables, flowers, herbs, grain and cover crops Mostly organic- clearly marked.
Biodynamic, open pollinated, no hybrids.
New York

Fedco www.fedcoseeds.com  Untreated vegetable, tubers, herb, & flower seed. Many certified organic.
Cover crops, soil amendments & supplies for organic growers.
Safe Seed Pledge. No GMOs, etc. Good prices. Order early.
Website a bit difficult to navigate.

Heirloom Seeds www.heirloomseeds.com  All seeds are open pollinated (non-hybrid) and untreated.
No GMO. Many Organic. Good selection of organic.
Many garden packages. Organic fertilizers.
SW Pennsylvania

Harris Seeds www.harrisseeds.com
22 organic veg choices- large selection of untreated seed.
Sells only large quantities. Sells Monsanto conventional seed.
New York

Johnny's Seeds www.johnnyseeds.com  Johnny's has 324 organic products, including 198 vegetable seed varieties.
Many heirloom. Safe Seed Pledge. Still carries 40 Monsanto varieties, which is about 4% of their conventional vegetable varieties. Their intention is to replace them. See Monsanto vegetable seed list below, if you wish to avoid.

Cook's Garden is owned by Burpee Seeds.
50 Organic Vegetables and Herbs. European and American heirlooms. Good recipes.
Their conventional vegetables might be Monsanto seed.
Check list below for list of Monsanto vegetable seed.

Mid-Atlantic _________________
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange www.southernexposure.com 
Vegetables and herbs. Most certified organic, all untreated.
99% of seeds open-pollinated. No GMO. Safe Seed Pledge.
Grows 40% of own seed. Also sells bulk. Nice catalog.

Sow True Seed sowtrue.com  Vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Only non-hybrid, untreated, open-pollinated, heirloom and organic seed.
Safe Seed Pledge.
Asheville, NC

Seeds for the South www.seedsforthesouth.com  Untreated heirloom vegetable and herb seed.
Very small selection of organic. Sells Monsanto seed.

Park Seed Company (bought Sow Organic Seed Co. in 2007) www.parkseed.com  Flower, vegetable and herb seeds.
Untreated, non-GMO, and some Certified Organic seed.
Note- it is easy to go off their organic pages onto the conventional and they sell some conventional Monsanto seeds.
See list of Monsanto products below.
South Carolina

MidWest _____________
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds rareseeds.com  Vegetables, flowers, herbs, bulk seed.
1400 heirloom varieties. Hugh selection. Good prices.
Only open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural & non-GMO. Good reviews.

Botanical Interests www.botanicalinterests.com/store/index_index.php
400 untreated vegetable, flower, herb seeds. A large selection of Certified Organic.
Signed Safe Seed Pledge. No-GMOs.
Beautiful packets- good info. Nice website.

Sand Hill Preservation www.sandhillpreservation.com
700 heirloom seeds- vegetable, herbs, flowers, grains. Root vegetables, poultry.
Produce 90% of the seed they sell. Untreated, some certified organic.
Signed Safe Seed Pledge. No GMOs. Ordering only by regular mail.

Seed Saver's Exchange www.seedsavers.org  A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds.
Largest non-governmental seed bank in the United States. Maintains more than 25,000 endangered vegetable varieties. Hugh selection of open pollinated vegetables, beans, potatoes, flowers and herbs. Many certified organic. Good prices.

Heirloom Acres Seeds www.heirloomacres.net
1000 varieties of open pollinated and heirloom seed.
Good selection of Certified Organic. Very few seeds treated.

Nature's Crossroads www.naturescrossroads.com  Seed varieties grown in Indiana for Midwestern gardeners.
Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers. Safe Seed Pledge.
Most seed certified organic. Produce much of their own seed.

Grannys Heirloom Seeds www.grannysheirloomseeds.com  Good selection of heirloom vegetables and gardening suplies. Strawberries, onions No organic but all open-pollinated. Signed Safe Seed Pledge.
Inexpensive peat pots.

Northwest ________
Abundant Life Seeds www.abundantlifeseeds.com  Certified Organic and Biodynamic vegetable, flower and herb seeds, garlic and potatoes.
Garden accessories. Safe Seed Pledge, no GMOs.

Wild Garden Seed www.wildgardenseed.com Certified organic farm-original varieties of salad greens, vegetables, herbs and a few flowers.
Certified Organic heirloom and other open-pollinated seed varieties adapted for the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Victory Seed Company www.victoryseeds.com Rare and heirloom seeds. All seeds open-pollinated, non-hybrid and untreated.
Signed Safe Seed Pledge. No GMOs. Good size selection.

Irish Eyes - Garden City Seeds www.irisheyesgardenseeds.com Potato, vegetable, flower and garden seeds.
Most all seeds organic, many heirloom. All untreated.

Territorial Seeds www.territorialseed.com Large selection of vegetable, herb, flower. Safe Seed Pledge.
Sells a small amount of Monsanto's conventional seed. See list below.*

Southwest _____
Bountiful Gardens www.bountifulgardens.org A non-profit and a project of Ecology Action which does garden research and publishes books and research papers. Large selection untreated, open-pollinated, non-GMO, heirloom seed. Vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, mushroom kits, green manures, compost and carbon crops. Good prices.
Some Certified Organic and Biointensive.
Willits California

Seeds of Change www.seedsofchange.com
100% organic certified seed: vegetables, flowers, and herbs.
Over 1,200 varieties: many heirloom, open-pollinated, native and hard-to-find.
New Mexico

Peaceful Valley www.groworganic.com Certified Organic Vegetable and Herb Seeds and much more. Packets or bulk.
Sells own brand of Certified organic- plus sells Seeds of Change, Renee's Garden Seeds, Turtle Tree Organic Seeds, TomatoFest Organic Seeds, Horizon Herbs Organic Seeds.
Grass Valley, California

Seeds Trust www.seedstrust.com Vegetable, wild flower, herb and grass seeds
Sells only open-pollinated and untreated seed. Organic seeds are marked with an asterisk.
Signed Safe Seed Pledge. Sells many of their own seeds. Website a bit challenging.
Specializes in high-altitude and southwest seeds.

Sustainable Seed Company www.sustainableseedco.com Only heirloom open-pollinated seed. No hybrid, treated or gmos.
65% of all heirloom vegetable seed is grown on organic farms in California.
Over 100 varieties of heirloom seeds for less than a $1.
Petaluma, California

Native Seeds www.nativeseeds.org Non-profit. Sells 350 varieties of heirloom arid-land adapted seed.

Natural Gardening Company www.naturalgardening.com Vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Many organic and open-pollinated.
Organic plants, but hybrids too. Sells some Monsanto seed. Check list below.
Petaluma, California ___________________________________________________

Popular Monsanto (Seminis) seeds-
for full listing of Seminis seeds hit vegetable name, which will take you to appropriate Seminis' page. To see De Ruiter varieties hit De Ruiter link under cucumber, eggplant, tomato, pepper.

To make things even more confusing, each mail-order seed company might resell the same seed but use a different name for it. The only way you can be 100% positive you are not buying a Monsanto seed is to check with the re-seller or buy from a company selling their own seed or organic or open-pollinated.

Many of these brands are sold through Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, K-Mart, Ace Hardware and other nurseries. If you buy seedlings print this out and check to make sure what you buy is Non-GMO!

Beans: Brio, Eureka, EZ Gold, Goldrush, Kentucky King, Lynx, Xera...

Captain, Heritage, Liberty, Packman, more...

Nutri-Red, Sweet Sunshine, Karina, Chantenay hybrids, Chantilly, Lariat 

Cheddar, Fremont, Minuteman, more...

Cucumber: Babylon, Dasher II, Daytona, Homemade Pickles, Speedway, Sweet Slice, Yellow Submarine, Sweeter Yet...link to De Ruiter cucumber list...

Black Beauty, Dancer, Fairy Tale, Gretel, Hansel, Tango, Twilight...De Ruiter Eggplants...

Lettuce: Baby Star, Blackjack, Esmeralda, Lolla Rossa, Monet, Red Butterworth, Red Sails, Red Tide, Summer time...

Alaska, Bush Whopper, Casablanca, Dixie Jumbo, Early Crisp, Stars and Stripes, Sugarnut, more...

Okra: Cajun Delight

Arsenal, Candy, Hamlet, Mars, Red Zeppelin, Superstar, many more...

Aristotle, Biscayne, Camelot, Caribbean Red, Cherry Bomb, Dulce, Early Sunsation, Fat and Sassy, King Arthur, Northstar, Red Knight, Serrano del Sol, Sahuaro, Super Chili, Valencia, many more...De Ruiter pepper varities... http://us.seminis.com/products/onion.asp

Buckskin Pumpkin, Orange Smoothie, Prizewinner, more...

Bolero, Cypress, Melody, Unipack 151, many more...

Squash: Autumn Delight, Blackjack, Bush Delicata, Butterstick, Daisy, Early Butternut, Fancycrook, Gold Rush, Latino, Lolita, Patty Green Tint, Really Big Butternut, Seneca (all), Sungreen, Sunny Delight, Table Ace...

Baby Girl, Big Beef, Beefmaster, Beaufort, Celebrity, Favorita, First Lady I and II, Early Girl, Geronimo, Golden Girl, Maxifort, Pink Girl, Sunguard, Sun Chief Sweet, Sweet Million, Trust...link to De Ruiter tomato varieties...

Watermelon: Bambino, Crimson Glory, Royal Flush, Royal Star, Stargazer, Starbright, Stars and Stripes, Tiger Baby, Yellow Doll

As an alternative way to shop for seed, visit the non-profit Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Organic Seeds Database- www.omri.org/seeds - lists certified "final handlers" for organic seed. List is by produce. Pick a vegetable and find a seller.
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(Here is the BAD stuff:)

Here are some of the brand names that Monsanto owns and 'packages' their seeds as:

American Seeds, Asgrow, Campbell, DeKalb, De Ruiter, Diener Seeds, Fielder's Choice, Fontanelle, Gold Country Seed, Hawkeye, Heartland, Heritage Seeds, Holdens, HPS Seed, Hubner Seed, icorn, Jung Seed, Kruger Seeds, Lewis Hybrids, Peotec, Poloni, Rea Hybrids, R.H. Shumway, Seeds of the World, Seminis, Seymour's Selected Seeds, Specialty, Stewart, Stone Seed,Totally Tomatoes, Trelay, Vermont Bean Seed Company, Western Seeds. ****

But remember seed companies buy Monsanto seed in bulk and then repackage it under their name as well...

* www.seedalliance.org/Seed_News/SeminisMonsanto/ www.indyweek.com/indyweek/the-seeds-of-vegetable-diversity
Taken from : http://inspirationgreen.com/organic-vegetables-start-out-as-seed.html

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