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Payment Options

In the office I take cash, checks, credit/debit cards, health savings plans and gift certificates. Supplements and remedies are not included in the price online as not everyone gets an Rx.

Payment is expected at the time of service unless PRIOR arrangements have been made.

The Health Appraisal Questionnaire.

Most of the questions are check off answers but please feel free to write a synopsis of how your symptoms began and how it is impacting your life. To make certain your answers are complete, accurate and thoughtful, you will need to set aside some time when you will not be disturbed. You may wish to download the traumatic timeline form to help you organize your thoughts and the events.

There may be some questions that you feel are unrelated to your specific concern but they really are. Be assured that there is not a single question on these forms that is not there for a specific reason serving a vital purpose. I have over 5,000 medicines to choose from. If you had the same symptoms only on the right side it would be a different medicine than if all the symptoms were all on the left side.

I understand that filling out these forms may be challenging for some of you.. If you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to complete them or download them, please contact me BEFORE YOUR VISIT at 352 365-4325.

For our first consultation together please bring (or e-mail to me) copies of any recent test results (ask your doctors for copies). If you will be seeing me in the office, please make a list of any nutritional supplements, herbs, vitamins, or other medications you are currently taking. You can download the Rx, Vitamin Supplement page.

I look forward to being a part of your health team.

All information is strictly confidential 

Please select the forms I asked you to download. Always print the Consent/HIPPA form, The becoming a new patient form and then select the adult or pediatric assessment. If your reason for the consultation is for example headaches or you desire facial rejuvenation also download those forms. If you have digestion issues or desire to work on weight or Autism, please add the food diary. These PDF's have to be downloaded printed and filled out and then brought with you to your appointment or scan them and email them to me.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the forms. It is important on your journey to wellness.

Please read the payment options at the top of this column. 

1 Becoming a new Patient
Autism Health Assessment
Adult Health Assessment
Pediatric Health Assessment
Consent HIPPA Form
Facial Assessment
Food Diary
Hair Analysis Instructions
Headache Assessment
Menopause Assessment
Progress Report
Release of Medical Info
Rx, Vitamin, Supplement Sheet
Stop Smoking Assessment
Toxicity Questionnaire
Traumatic Timeline
Welcome to Our Practice

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Get directions to
2200 South Bay Street Suite B., Eustis, Fl 32726
Articles and Links

I really trust these companies because they personally check out the quality and purity of the ingredients of the products they recommend and allow me access to the results..

For all companies use passcode I am Healthy and my phone number 352 365-4325

Click on this link or call Xymogen 407 647-6100.
offers quality prescription only supplements that can not be found in health food stores or online anywhere else. They analyze every batch to make sure what is on the label is in the product. You must have a case sensitive referral code to buy online which I will give you. If you order before 4pm Monday - Thursday it will be shipped the same day.

Nutri-West 1 800 451-5620 Many times they will ship within 24 hours.

We are pleased to announce that we now have our own online patient ordering program! You can get your Standard Process, and MediHerb  from our office. You must be our current patient to order. Check it out today. Click on the link below and request a patient account.

ProArgi-9 877-863-0659 ID# 1648476 code I am Healthy 

Vision Care Information/Supplements

Dr. Grossman offers organic whole food nutritional and dietary support for variety of eye conditions. 

If I have referred you to Natural EyeCare for a micro-stim unit to re-train your vision or to  help stop the progression of macular regeneration the machine is calibrated for you and your condition. Please have me send the information up to them first.
Click on the banner to go to their site.

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Solara is available to speak to groups -  either to address a specific health concern (for example: how her modalities can help treat stress, depression, women's health or boost the immune system); and for employee wellness events to teach how to prevent injuries, stay healthy and lower health care costs. 

"We are what we eat". Many of our ailments can be directly attributed to food and our environment. Arthritis, IBS, PMS, Infertility, Cancer, Headaches and Allergies are just of few of the dis-eases we can influence with a change in diet. Learn how to create healthy, flavorful, living meals and treats while avoiding GMO's and processed foods. Talks and classes available at our office or your place.

Please e-mail us to request more information on speaking engagements. Do NOT call to optimize or update our website.

Please DO NOT make or change appointments online. If you have not heard from us in 24-72 hours please call or resubmit your request. 352 365-4325.

She is not ignoring you.  She might not have received the message as she frequently teaches and attends classes. If you email with no response please also call as it might have gone into the spam folder which is not checked daily.

Please phone between 9am and 6pm Monday - Friday. If it is an Emergency please call 911 or go to the ER for treatment. If it is urgent and on the weekend please call and I will see if I am available to work you in.

Dr. Solara has arranged for discounted stays at local bed and breakfasts or hotels for those coming from out of town for intensive therapy. Please call for details.

An alternative might be to set up an internet consultation via Skype. All long distance consultations must be pre-paid.

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Give the gift of health, by purchasing a gift certificate for Holistic Treatment for a loved one, relative, co-worker, or special friend!

Our Gift Certificates are great for Holidays, Birthdays, Work Incentive Programs, Awards, Anniversaries, etc.

Gift certificates are available through online purchase, and are e-mailed or snail mailed to the recipient of the certificate. Alternatively, the Gift Certificate may be picked up at our office location.

Please specify delivery instructions in the subject line.
If the recipient of the Gift Certificate is going to pick up the certificate from our office, please specify that information in the same area.
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