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If you would like Dr. Solara to speak with your group or you would like to sponsor De-stress Happy Hour sessions please call 352 365-4325
Health gift cards and special packages make excellent gifts!

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Healthier Food Choices and how to get the most bang for your buck classes are being taught at
Vitality Bistro every Thursday night 6:00pm.
301 North Baker Street, Mt. Dora, FL.
352 735-4811
Please call to reserve your place as space is limited.
The classes are free for the price of an entree.

See what tools in your kitchen will provide the most variety of textures and tastes as you embark on a healthier lifestyle. How to choose tasty non-GMO, gluten free ingredients the way Nature intended them to be.
Dr. Solara will be teaching classes on using food as medicine. The properties and energetics of food for health according to TCM principals.

Abundant Health gift cards and special packages make excellent gifts!

De-Stress Happy Hour - let go of your cares and Revive with Acupuncture

Give yourself the gift of revitalization!

Stress in a major cause of illness. By taking the time to nurture yourself, relax and de-stress you are investing in your future health and vitality. It is much easier and more pleasant to maintain health than to overcome dis-ease. 
Acupuncture Happy Hour is an opportunity for you to experience the healing benefits of acupuncture. Come relax and enjoy a peaceful moment. Invest 20 minutes in a session to help calm the mind, relax tight muscles, and let go of the challenges and stress of the day. Feel revitalized to have a night on the town, a peaceful night at home or at least to handle the home life with more ease and focus.
Bring your friends and schedule your special time in an initmate group setting. Healthy
Refreshments will be served. You can come in once, on a regular basis, or as a supplement to your regular treatments. The treatments are very affordable.
We only use pre-packaged, sterile and disposal stainless steel needles.
Other medical concerns can be addressed in a private setting at our regular rates.

  2015 Specials

                           Spring Renewal come in and relax Choice of 3 services 2 hours 140
Some people desire the services with less time taken. We recommend you pamper yourself for the full 2 hours...
however depending on the services chosen it may be done in 1.5 hours

De-Stress or boost the Immune System Acupuncture    Detox Foot Bath  Revitalizing Facial 
         Hand OR Foot scrub with organic sugar and Ayurvedic essential oils and hot towels.

                                                                              Stress Buster 1 Hour 80 Choose 1
                                               De-Stress Acupuncture session with electro-foot massage
Custom Facial, AND Hand Scrub with organic brown sugar or salt with Ayurvedic essential oils and hot towels

I Feel Great Medical Balancing Programs

Supplements, products, herbs or homeopathics are not included unless otherwise mentioned.

Some of the modalities will be combined in one visit to save you time, gas and money
. Some modalities may be changed or substituted for your specific health concern. As Dr. Solara acquires new technology some of the modalities may change but the dollar value will remain the same.
Please see package guidelines.

Pain Release Program for Acute Pain
(1 month)

      2 electro-dermal-screenings 
      8 Acupuncture or cold laser sessions
      2 Lifestyle Integrative sessions (may include
 exercise, breathing, healthier choices,
         Mind/Body sessions or detox footbaths)

Health Investment 950 pre-pay on first visit and get one seasonal tune-up treatment at no charge Valued at $70.00 for returning patients.

Pain Release Program for Chronic Pain
(3 months)

      3  Electro-dermal screenings or Consultations
     12 Lifestyle Consultations (may include nutrition, 
          exercise, breathing, healthier choices, Mind/Body
          sessions or detox footbaths)
      20 Acupuncture or cold laser treatments.
Health Investment 2590 pay first visit and get one year of seasonal preventative treatments (4) for free. valued at 280 for returning patients


Sacred Moon Woman's Release & Renew Ceremony 1 month

During that time of the month do you feel irritable, bloated, absent minded, have crying spells, breast tenderness and cramps? Does your skin break out?

You do not have to live with PMS just because you have a monthly cycle. Come get away from the daily stress and relax with our Spe
cial Woman’s Program. You will emerge calmer, pain free and more focused.

You are probably taking care of everyone else. Now it’s your time to take care of yourself. If you think that is selfish … look at it this way… When you are happy everyone else is happy and harmony is restored in the family. Then you can continue to take care of others in a healthy way.

Wise Grandmother Moon Healthy Womenopause Program

Have you ever said you wished you could re-live your teens and 20’s with the wisdom you have now? You now have the opportunity to explore, travel, and develop hobbies and friendships without the day to day chores of picking up after the kids.

Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman's reproductive life. So why not treat it in a natural way?  Give yourself the gift of a comfortable new beginning!

The Healthy Program focuses on a combined approach to addressing all areas of imbalance. Through the use of homeopathy, acupuncture, Bio-identical Hormones, Chinese herbs, dietary therapy, gentle exercise, and relaxation techniques, whole health and wellness is within reach!

Symptoms relieved may include: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Crying Spells, Vaginal Dryness, Loss of libido, Urinary Changes, Palpitations, Bladder infections, Frequent urination, Osteoporosis and more.

Give yourself the gift of a comfortable new life beginning!

8 Acupuncture Treatments in four weeks

3 pampering Bodywork Sessions (your choice detox footbath or facials)
1 Individual Lifestyle/Nutritional Consultation

Supplements, herbs or homeopathics not included

Health Investment 875 Individual sessions
Prepaid package = 9th treatment free (70- value)
Becoming Light-er

Natural Slimness Program (Weight Reduction over 3 month period)
      3  Electro-dermal screenings or Consultations
   13 Auricular Acupuncture 30
         minute Sessions 
     2 Mind-Body EFT Counseling
     8 Lifestyle Consultations (may
         include: diet, nutrition,
         breathing, healthier choices, or
         detox foot baths)

Health Investment normally 1500 now 1170 prepay and get 2 additional treatments for free.

Add on services available

Cellulite treatments, body firming treatments or facials.
Four Directions Prevention Healing Circle

Preventive care can be the cornerstone of your well being. Taking care of small issues before they become big problems will save you money and time.
Health Investment 190
Acupuncture alone to boost the immune system 70

Spring Renewal:

Spring is a time of renewal. Let us look to the East for a new beginning calling the teacher within. Let the freshness of the season cleanse, purify, and exhilarate you from within to the without.
         1 Spring Detox kit (Homeopathic)
         1 Organic Sugar or Salt Hand or Foot exfoliation
            individualized for your skin type, OR detox
         1 Boost the immune system acupuncture OR
              cold laser treatment.

Summer Refresh:

Come in relax, cool, and balance your system from the summer heat. We look to the South to reveal the healer within.
       1 Body Mind integration session to help you
          realize your dreams and goals.
       1 Custom facial or body exfoliation.
       1 Boost the immune system acupuncture or
            cold laser treatment

Autumn Rejuvenation:

Give thanks for the abundance of our Autumn harvest. The West Winds return the fruitful bounty of the seeds we have sown into full bloom. Now is the time to let go and detoxify.
        1 Autumn Detox kit (Homeopathic)
        1 Custom facial, or hand or foot exfoliation.
        1 Boost the immune system acupuncture or
           cold laser treatment
        1 Homeopathic Flu Vaccine

Winter Restoration:

Nourish your body and soul during a winter’s rest. Now is the time to go within. From the North comes the wisdom of our journey. Let us soothe, fortify, and protect ourselves from the environmental influences of the holiday season.
      1 Body Mind integration session to help you
          realize your dreams and goals.
      1 Custom facial or body exfoliation.
      1 Boost the immune system acupuncture or cold
          laser treatment

Special Beauty Packages

Supplements, products, herbs or homeopathics are not included unless otherwise mentioned.
Some of the modalities will be combined in one visit to save you time, gas and money

The goal of anti-aging medicine is to promote healthy aging by enhancing the intrinsic healing potential of the body.

Three Moons, Three Treasures,
           A New You

        For Men and Women

This three month cosmetic acupuncture anti-aging protocol is designed to address specific facial concerns while Nourishing and supporting the Three Treasures: Jing (essence), Qi (vital energy) and Shen (spirit) which are vital for health and true beauty.

10 – 12 treatments is considered one course of treatment. Depending on your age, lifestyle (sunbathers and smokers need more) and health condition you may require 7 to 20 visits.

After the initial assessment please book 10 treatments in 5-6 weeks for the best results.

Package includes Cosmetic Acupuncture, 2 individualized homeopathic remedies, 2 facials and phototherapy with microcurrent sessions.

For the needle phobic acupressure, cold laser, Phototherapy (color) and microcurrent can be used.

First assessment 175 10 follow-ups 150 each,

Prepay for 6 follow-up visits get 7th visit free.
Pre-pay 12
follow-up visits get the 11th and
12th visit free +2 additional remedies and a foot bath OR hand OR foot scrub for free.
Prepay 20 follow-up visits get 3 maintenance treatments free, 2 additional remedies and a foot bath OR hand OR foot scrub for free.

See Cosmetic Acupuncture - Facial Rejuvenation  AKA Non-Surgical Face lift

Peaceful Warrior Retreat For Men Only

Guys take care of yourself, impress your special someone by looking your very best. Give yourself over to complete care and emerge feeling balanced, in your Body, Mind and Spirit.

We can help you combat the effects of  the environment, shaving, and an active lifestyle with this relaxing, nourishing and deep-cleansing treatment. 

(When having a facial please refrain from shaving for at least one hour before treatment.) 

This is a real man's facial using natural products especially selected for your skin's individual needs.

Your journey begins with acupuncture to help release even the deepest of tension and tightness brought on by the daily stress of life. A facial topped off with a scalp treatment for the ultimate pampering.  For those who do not desire the facial we have a detoxifying foot bath for your pleasant relaxation.

2 hours 150

“Spirit Quest”

Begin with a deep relaxing acupuncture treatment. Salt or Organic Brown Sugar Aromatherapy Scrub, and a Skin Revitalizing Facial customized to your skin type.
2.5 hours 195

“Serenity” 30 minutes 45 

Reflexology with or without Anti-Stress Aromatherapy +5.  Add a Scalp OR Foot OR Hand Scrub for additional 20
 Package Guidelines

Beauty Treatments must be reserved in advance with a credit card reservation.

All discounted packages are non refundable and are for services only.

Package Appointments are encouraged to be scheduled a minimum of two days and preferably 2 weeks in advance. Late cancellations or no shows will be billed at the regular price and deducted from the series of treatments.

If you are unable to keep your appointment with your verbal permission a family member or friend can be sent to replace you for the same appointment time and equal service values. Service upgrades allowed with payment at the time of service.

Cancellations 48 hours in advance will get full credit for future services.
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