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We are conveniently located in Eustis, Florida, only minutes away from
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Partial List of services offered: 
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 Give Back to the Community 2014 Special 
At Last the Truth About Acupuncture: It's as Good as Drugs for Treating Pain

What is your health worth to you? What would you give to stop pain, relieve stress, improve energy, restore health, and reduce sick leave from work?

While most people start coming to us as a last resort, they continue to come back because they feel better, and now desire to stay healthy with dis-ease prevention.

At A Abundant Health Holistic Center we involve you in the process of self-integration. You'll feel empowered and able to take control of the healing  process as the

                     Balance of the Body,
                                            Clarity of the Mind,
                                                                  Beauty of the Soul, and a
                                                                                                 Joyful Spirit are restored

I support people in deep healing to help transform their lives through a variety of modalities.
Partial list of services offered:

Classical Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbs, Color Therapy, Cold Laser, Homotoxicology,
The "wowie" Machine: Bodyscan2010 Health Assessment Screening,
Nutritional Therapies/Orthomolecular Medicine, Lifestyle Counseling, Qi Gong, Reiki, Color/Sound Therapy,
Tensegrity (Cranial/Sacral/Polarity/Structural Re-Alignment)

Beauty Care: Medical Aesthetics, Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, AKA Non-Surgical Acu-Facelifts, Microcurrent, Facials. Organic Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) products are used.
Welcome Letter

Dear prospective patient/client,

Thank you for your interest in our center. We offer Complementary and Alternative Medicine for acute, chronic, and preventive care. Simple illnesses to complex disorders have responded positively to Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, Aromatherapy, Western and Asian bodywork. Solara is also a licensed aesthetician - facial specialist. We offer a variety of cosmetic and body therapies.

Our philosophy regarding the restoration of health has developed over a lifetime of study. 

What is your health worth to you? What would you give to stop pain, relieve stress, improve energy, restore health, and reduce sick leave from work?

In the USA we have been raised to seek medical attention when there is an illness. Many other cultures practice preventive health care to keep from getting sick. 

Many of you may have had the experience of being seen by specialist after specialist, none of whom seem to treat you as an entire person. You may have been told that chronic pain is all "in your head". You might have been put on Anti-depressants for pain control.

Western allopathic medicine often has difficulty in treating a disease unless the cause can be demonstrated by lab tests. Our modalities don’t just rely on lab tests to find the root cause. We will do our best to find a framework through which to approach your discomfort and pain. Acupuncture and Homeopathy can help resolve the symptoms, and the root cause of disease.

The time and money spent in these treatments will actually save you both in the long run. The treatments are not only affordable, but improve primary complaints as well as overall well-being without the side-effects that come with prescribed drugs. Yet it dovetails well with conventional "Western" medicine.

While there is no cure for every dis-ease we promise you will be treated as an individual and not as a “dis-ease”. We can promise you that you will be heard, and that we will care very deeply. We will be devoted to exploring solutions with you, using all available sources of medical knowledge.

Your input is an integral piece of the formula in getting back to health. By being a participant in your care, setting reasonable goals, and discussing your expectations, we can work towards your ultimate wellness. We will discuss changes you are willing to make in lifestyle and sometimes eating habits.

Our Center includes a wide array of healing modalities that have been successfully proven over centuries

We desire to be your FIRST THOUGHT in Health Care and not your LAST RESORT.  While most people start coming to us as a last resort, they continue to come back because they feel better.

We also focus on Anti-aging-/Longevity Medicine and dis-ease prevention. For those of you who desire "Youthing" instead of aging, ask about our beauty treatments.

Some people desire monthly tune-ups others come in a minimum of four times a year at the change of seasons (Around March, June, September, and December, to boost the immune system for the next three months. In Florida we don't have clear cut change of seasons which can be even harder on our well-being as the temperatures and conditions fluctuate so much. Our bodies don't become accustomed to seasons like we do in other climates.

We strongly believe in integrative medicine, knowing that Alternative and Western medicine can co-exist in harmony. It is of primary importance to understand the values and limitations of each modality as we work with each individual’s unique expressions. We work with a variety of physicians, midwives, chiropractors, and massage therapists to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

In Service,
Solara Attatharya, DOM, AP, DIM, DNBHE
Three Phases of Care


The majority of patients consult Dr. Solara because they have an ache or pain. In the first phase of care, the main objective is to eliminate or reduce your discomfort and stabilize your condition in the shortest amount of time. During this phase, progress is usually rapid.

The number of visits during this phase of care varies and is dependent upon your specific condition. It's hard to say how long it will be until you see relief— it could be as short as a week or up to a month. If you are not responding to care during this phase, you may be referred to another health-care provider.


Once your condition has stabilized, you enter the second phase of  care, where the objective is to correct any underlying injury or cause of discomfort, and improve function. The frequency of office visits is reduced as your body holds the balance for longer periods of time. Care may be supplemented by nutrition, exercises, and modification of daily habits.

Chronic conditions have developed over many years and it takes time to correct. Many erroneously feel that once the discomfort has subsided that they are well. However, if you end your care before fully healing, you can invite a relapse. This is a mistake many people make, and it sets them up for recurring health issues.

Wellness is a journey not a destination.

It is a way of life to improve overall well being and lessen the chance of re-creating adverse health issues. It's hard to believe that, after all the time, effort, energy, and money put into correcting a problem, a patient would choose to forget this relatively easy phase of care! As much as we'd love to see you in our office, we'd much rather assist you in maintaining your health rather than relieving your pain.

Preventive Maintenance-Wellness Care

This can also be referred to as the recovery phase.

Your body is most vulnerable following recovery from illness because it has expended much of its energy and internal resources in order to get better. It is therefore important to have a few treatments in order to prevent repeated or new illness. In general, when an illness recurs it is often more difficult to treat.

Patients learn how to maintain balance in their lives and help prevent future health problems, and catch small problems before they become serious. A personal wellness  care program will be designed specifically for you where we teach you how to incorporate good nutrition, breathing, and exercise habits into your everyday life, thereby promoting vitality, endurance, and the ability to enjoy life at its fullest.

We move into the preventive phase with "tune-ups" monthly or at the change of seasons 4 times a year depending on your individual response and requirements.

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55 Give Back to the Community 2015 Special

Please join us this season in our support of our local food pantries. Bring along a nonperishable food item for humans or animals  to your visit and get a free hand or foot scrub. Everyone is eligible.Your contribution will help neighbors in our community.

Offer valid only for appointments made through December 2015. For more specials see our Events and Special Packages page.

Are you ready for the flu season? We are! If you are concerned about the getting the Flu and you don't desire the flu shot ask about our Homeopathic Remedy to help prevent and to treat the symptoms of the flu. Safe for all ages. $25.00 for a bottle to treat 2 adults and 1 or 2 children for the season.
At Last the Truth About Acupuncture: It's as Good as Drugs for Treating Pain

Critics of the ancient Chinese therapy say it is no better than a placebo. But a new study using brain-mapping shows it has a similar effect to standard Western medicines.

Skeptics have long claimed that acupuncture is all in the mind. But a ground-breaking new study has found that the ancient Chinese practice is as effective as popular painkillers for treating disabling conditions such as arthritis.

A team of scientists from two British universities made the findings after they carried out brain scans on patients while they underwent the 2,500-year-old treatment. The scans showed differences in the brain's response to acupuncture needles when compared with tests using "dummy needles" that did not puncture the skin.

Doctors found that the part of the brain that manages pain and the nervous system responded to acupuncture needles and improved pain relief by as much as 15 per cent.

Dr George Lewith, from the University of Southampton's Complementary Medicine Research Unit, said the improvement might seem modest, "but it's exactly the same size of effect you would get from real Prozac versus a placebo or real painkillers for chronic pain". "The evidence we now have is that acupuncture works very well on pain," he said.

The findings, which will be published today in the scientific journal NeuroImage, have been welcomed by acupuncturists, who have long faced skepticism from scientists that the benefits are derived from the placebo effect. Although some clinical trials have shown an improvement in pain relief, the practice remains controversial. Other trials, for instance, have found little difference between acupuncture treatments and placebos.

Persis Tamboly, of the British Acupuncture Council, said: "We're really thrilled about this research. There will be critics of this subject until our dying days, but research like this substantiates what we've always maintained - that acupuncture works."

The council hopes the findings will help to make acupuncture become accepted as a National Health Service treatment. Despite its controversial status, more than two million acupuncture treatments are performed each year. Its supporters include Cherie Blair, Kate Winslet and Joan Collins.

The 14 patients who participated in the study were put through three tests in random order, while "brain maps" were created using sophisticated positron emission tomography, or PET, scans at University College London. In one test, researchers used blunt needles that pricked the skin, but which the brain registered as the sensation of touch. Dummy needles, where the tip was pushed back once it touched the skin, were then used, and in the third test the patients underwent acupuncture treatment with real needles.

The acupuncture needles had two measurable effects on the patients' brains: as with the dummy needles, the brain released natural opiates in response to the expected effect of the needles. But the scans showed that the real needles had an extra effect and stimulated another part of the brain called the ipsilateral insular. This improved pain relief by 10-15 per cent - similar to the effect of taking conventional analgesic drugs.

The study, though, does not explain how acupuncture treats other problems such as stress or disease.

DR Lewith said: "Further research is definitely planned. This is a very interesting area. I have been involved in acupuncture research for 25 years, and I'm now getting a very realistic understanding of the effects of this mechanism," he said.

At the sharp end

* Developed in China about 2,500 years ago, using stone needles at first and later bronze, gold and silver. The first medical reference was in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, written around 300BC.

* There are about 500 acupuncture points on the body, which can affect the body's "chi" or energy. A headache can be treated with needles inserted in the hand or foot.

* Fine needles are inserted into "energy channels" in the body called "meridians". Needles help natural healing processes or relieve pain.

* Other techniques include the use of massage, smoldering herbs, and tapping with a rounded probe, as well as lasers and electro-acupuncture

 Souce: Carrell, Severin, At Last The Truth About Acupuncture: It’s As Good As Drugs For Treating Pain. © Copyright 2005 Independent Digital (UK) Ltd
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